June 17, 2019 Comments Off on Court of Appeals says Legal Protection Fund protects defense attorney general Missouri`s attorney general`s office says taxpayers spent more than $24 million on lawsuits against the state in 2019. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the $24.2 million paid by the Legal Fees Fund in 2019 was compared to. The May 2019 report of the Legal Protection Fund details the considerable payments made by the State of Show-Me in various legal cases. The monthly reports were first posted online in 2017 by then-Attorney General Josh Hawley and continued under the direction of Attorney General Eric Schmitt. On May 6, the state settled a 2017 case in which a former Kansas City teacher claimed she was fired because she was white. A jury awarded Patricia Daniels $4.3 million — $750,000 in damages and $3.6 million in punitive damages. A judge set an interest rate of 6.25% after the decision. When the state paid him this year, he cut a check for more than $4.8 million. A U.S. District Judge has approved that the state pay legal fees in the case. Stinson Leonard Street received $241,465.

The American Democracy Alliance received $265,194. On May 21, the state cut two checks totaling more than $506,000 to groups that prevented certain campaign finance restrictions. Stinson Leonard Street Law, representing the Association of Missouri Electrical Cooperatives (AMEC), and Todd Graves, representing the American Democracy Alliance, successfully prevented the Missouri Ethics Commission from enforcing a PAC-to-PAC contribution ban. JEFFERSON CITY, Mon. Missouri recently spent $4.8 million on a single settlement, $500,000 on legal fees in another trial and $300,000 on a judgment in another case. Alisha Shurr has been a reporter for the Missouri Times and the Missouri Times Magazine. She joined The Missouri Times in January 2018 after working as an editor for her hometown newspaper in southern Oregon. Alisha is a graduate of Kansas State University. Tagged with: Anwaltsgebühren Zivilpraxis Rechtsschutzfonds The judgment in this case was delivered before the general meeting limited punitive damages in discrimination actions. On May 6, $301,372 was paid as part of a decision against the Missouri Department of Corrections for a policy that denied health care to a transgender offender. Chris Koster v. Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners (MLW No.

70904/Case No. WD80209 – 14 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, Welsh, J.) August 17, 2017 Comments Off on Civil Practice: Legal Fee Fund – Legal Fees The Missouri Court of Appeals for the Southern District has ruled that public defense attorneys do not need formal immunity from prosecution because they are covered by the State Legal Fees Fund. The Court of Appeal upheld the jury`s $600,000 verdict for Dwight on June 10. Tagged with: Attorney General Josh Hawley Legal Expense Fund Missouri AG Missouri Attorney General`s Office.