I`m sure since you wrote this question in 2016, your business is over. I would like to know how your case ends. I`m a retired New York police officer and since the knife was less than 4 inches long, it wasn`t allowed to lock you up ULESS, it was a switch blade or gravity knife. Size only matters if everything else is legal. For future references NEVER LET ANY PART OF THE KNIFE APPEAR, INCLUDING THE CLIP! I thought an automatic knife was allowed in New York if it was a curiosity or a collection of knives. In this case, you can carry an automatic knife as long as it is unique, and a few other unique knives are with you too. No? You can legally own any automatic knife with a valid hunting or fishing license in New York State. In addition, if you are harassed and it happens to go to court, you can prove that you do not intend to use it intentionally against another person, the case will be dismissed. The accused did not show or wave the knife that had remained in his pocket.

He was charged with criminal possession under section 265.01 and misconduct. The court, guided by the reasoning of the Matter of Jamie D case, concluded that a dangerous knife is a knife that can be used as a weapon, and since the defendant stated that it was for his protection, his purpose made it a weapon and therefore a dangerous knife. I wasn`t picked up on the NYC subway to carry a legal knife less than 3″ blade length, just a normal fold-out pocket knife that requires 2 hands to open. The pocket clip was in sight because the knife was in my pocket. So, just to summarize again.. It is legal to have a knife locked in the garage in a metal box secured by a padlock to which you do not have the key. Or it`s legal to own knives of any size that stick to the handle of your kidneys if you`re bleeding. Members of the knife community would describe the knife in question as an assisted opener. Such knives have been available in New York State for more than a decade, but the state has not adopted the «pro-closure bias» exception that was at the heart of the 2009 amendment to the federal Switchblade Act.

The New York Court of Appeals had the opportunity to make a statement to the citizens of New York, which it then ignored. The Berrezueta case suggests that folding knives should be avoided in New York. I was wondering if anyone knows if it`s legal to own a Karambit in New York. I don`t know what knife they would classify it with. I have a ballistic knife that I used to disable the spring mechanism. Therefore, technically speaking, it is no longer a ballistic knife. If a policeman, for some reason, found me in possession of this knife, I shouldn`t have any problems, even if it`s a ballistic knife, right? As a New Yorker, I grew up with a difficult life, but with age came maturity and I became a law-abiding citizen before it cost me my life, simply put. Although this is confusing for many other laws regarding the Second Amendment issue and are designed to create conviction in the mind of man.

Of course, we just want to keep our safety safe (New York City has been a crime center for years, and with all due respect, the police haven`t really been the best) while still abiding by the law. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that our right to bear arms simply does not really exist here. If you have to go to the reservation centers and maybe you have to get rid of yourself to go to court and eventually be charged with gun possession, what can you call this American? Countless stories of innocent people who had only their safety in mind, harassed and disenfranchised, all for what? I`m sorry, New York. But I`m really losing patience with you. Now, it`s not a threat because I`m a peaceful man, but I admit that if things don`t change under President Trump, I won`t be able to live here anymore. I will always abide by the law. But I will not continue to try to interpret these laws of Assinine. May God be with you. Serve and protect. Knives in New Jersey are legal for anyone who has not been convicted of a violent crime. In addition, people with mental illness are not allowed to own knives. Possession of a knife for illegal purposes is also illegal.

Knives are limited to educational property.