Not in a hurry means either the withdrawal of the application by the applicant or the rejection of the application by the court by accepting the unpressed note. Thank you Sandhya. Even if we have not «pushed» the case in the middle of the case, can we also use these documents in other court proceedings? Exactly. You can make certified true copies and use them in as many procedures as you want. Yes, you can take the certified copy of the entire order sheet and file documents and use it in other legal proceedings. n. a lawful excuse for the failure of a party or its counsel to take appropriate action (such as the timely submission of a response to a complaint). This is usually invoked to set aside a default judgment for non-response (or other response) within the time limit set by law. Illness, pressure on cases by the lawyer (but not necessarily by the accused), or an understandable oversight on the part of the lawyer`s staff («just blame the secretary») are common excuses that courts often accept. However, if the defendant loses the case or does not call his lawyer, the courts will be less lenient. In all cases, the defendant must also prove that he had a meaningful defense.

Sandhya Srinivas (Lawyer & Legal Advisor) 06 July 2016 You can make certified true copies at any stage of the case.