«I`ve gotten a lot of emails from people who want a dog beach, and I think that`s something we should look into,» Jensen said. In recent weeks, an online petition has collected signatures to create a seasonal dog beach in the north of the city. Resident Paul Perkins, who filed the petition Change.org, has collected more than 2,200 signatures so far. Currently, the only other cities with dog beaches in San Diego County are Del Mar, Ocean Beach, and Coronado, meaning Oceanside residents who want to leave their dogs off-leash on the beach will have to drive 20 miles or more to do so. Lucky Miami puppies can relax on the beach of their own Bark Beach! Located in North Beach Oceanside, formerly known as North Shore Open Space Park, this puplastic spot offers the sun and sand your dog needs! Council members Kori Jensen and Christopher Rodriguez raised the issue with Council for consideration on 16 December. Both council members suggested that staff explore the possibility of setting up a dog beach, as well as efforts to explore more dog parking options in Oceanside. Your dog will love lounging in the sun, crushing the sand castle you`ve built or getting his paws wet on this furious sandy beach! If you have an excavator, make sure it behaves well and do not dig holes as it is not allowed on this beach. You can bring up to two dogs at a time, as long as they are vaccinated, authorized and have their tags on the collar. While your dog can walk off-leash, hold it in your hand on the beach and when you enter and exit the dog, as well as in the rest of the park. And always have cleaning bags handy to instantly pick up anything your dog leaves behind. Oceanside`s beaches, like the shores of Southern California, turn into narrow strips of rocks and cobblestones due to coastal erosion. The city is looking for ways to restore and keep the sand there, Sanchez said, and providing an area for dogs could hinder those efforts. The proposed dog beach would leave dogs off-leash and would be open during seasonal hours, similar to the schedule at Del Mar`s North Beach, nicknamed «Dog Beach.» Those who prefer the location on North Oceanside Beach believe that the place is ideal because of its location for bathrooms, parking lots, and playground.

Roommate Carolyn Kramer agreed with Warr, noting that the cities of San Clemente and Newport Beach recently rejected dog beaches. There are 4 dog friendly beaches within 20 miles of Oceanside. Use the links below to get an overview of each, view photos, print instructions, and even read reviews from other dog owners. Are you from out of town? Get a discounted rate on pet-friendly Oceanside hotels. The entire beach along North Beach Oceanside Park is usually closed to dogs. But on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 13:30 and 17:30, the section between 80 and 81 is used. Road to an off-leash Pupperdise! That`s right, your dog can frolic in the sand and splash in the water during those special dog moments, just make sure he stays in the dog beach. The petition proposes placing a dog beach in North Oceanside between the two piers that stretch from the harbor entrance to the San Luis Rey River.

Another Oceanside resident said he and his wife often take their dog to Del Mar, where the nearest off-leash beach for dogs is located. There, the couple often buy and dine at restaurants, which they would do in Oceanside if there was a dog beach. «Dogs are part of our family, but they have no place on the beaches of Oceanside,» she said. «I don`t think dogs belong on the beach for those reasons,» Warr said. A dog swims at Del Mar`s Dog Beach. The closest beach to Oceanside, which allows off-leash dogs, is in Del Mar. Oceanside`s beaches are beautifully maintained, stretches of coastline for your enjoyment. In this sense, pets are not allowed to join you on the beaches of O`side or walking on the pier. However, if you still feel like spending time with your pet while enjoying the beach view, you can walk your dog on a leash along The Strand – a walking path parallel to the ocean for over a mile! If your dog likes to get wet in the water or play in the sand, a trip to nearby beaches such as Cardiff State Beach, Del Mar`s Dog Beach or South Beach, Mission Bay`s Fiesta Island or Ocean Beach gives you the opportunity to let him participate in the fun of the beach.

«All we ask for is a small piece of beach. to let our dogs run off-leash,» Perkins said. Most of Oceanside`s restaurants, cafes, and bars with outdoor seating are open to dogs on a leash, including our own Piper and Shelter Club. Other Fido favourites in town include Pacific Coast Spirits, Pier View Coffee, Beach Break Cafe and our partner brewery Bagby. Parlor Doughnuts even offers a special dog donut. No begging! «All we`re looking for is just a little piece of beach,» said Perkins, who started a petition on Change.org that has more than 2,200 signatures. «I think it would be a very civil thing.» Beaches, sun, hiking trails – if you`re a dog, there`s a lot to love about Oceanside. (That`s pretty awesome for humans too!) Our hometown is particularly pet-friendly, with plenty of outdoor activities and businesses welcoming furry friends. Seabird Resort is happy that your dogs are staying with us. Let us know in advance (our dog policy allows up to two well-behaved pets per room for a $200 fee). We`ve rounded up some of our favorite dog activities in town.

OCEANSIDE — A growing number of residents are saying time for the city to have its own dog beach, while other residents don`t want dogs on the beach at all. There are many pet friendly hotels in Oceanside where you can stay. For example, La Quinta Inn and Residence Inn by Marriott allow pets. In addition, Ramada Oceanside, Harbor Inn & Suites Oceanside, and Extended Stay America also offer pet-friendly rooms where you can stay with your furry companions. Oceanside`s New Beach Resorts: The Mission Pacific Hotel and Seabird Resort also offer accommodations for your pets. Check out our full list of hotels to find more accommodations with your puppy! Mark Warr, who manages vacation rentals near the proposed North Beach location, believes a dog beach would create less demand for his rentals and hurt property value. Warr also believes a dog beach would affect water quality and increase bacteria levels as more dog poop is left behind. Oceanside is a fun beach town with a beautiful coastline, fantastic city centre, world-class climate and plenty of activities and events to keep you entertained. With so much to offer, it`s no wonder Oceanside is such a popular tourist destination in Southern California. But what if it`s your furry friend? Is he welcome to enjoy the activities and scenery by your side? In short, YES, your pets are welcome to enjoy one of the best beach towns in SoCal right next to you! The goal for supporters is to make Oceanside a «premier city» to offer a dog beach in the area.

With a dog beach, they say, the city could help keep visitors in Oceanside, rather than sending them further south to check out another city`s dog beach. Visitors bring their dogs to play off-leash at Del Mar`s North Beach, also known as «Dog Beach.» Photo courtesy «We are inundated with dogs pooping and peeing on the beach, which will eventually end up in the ocean,» said longtime resident Carolyn Krammer. «When we take our dog to Del Mar Beach, we spend a good portion of the day shopping and eating there,» said Kevin Jacobs, a resident. «I`d much rather spend my money in Oceanside.» Those in favor of a dog beach have proposed preserving the park to ensure it stays as pristine as possible. Perkins explained that the dog beach doesn`t have to be big, and he and other supporters are still in favor of exploring other options along the beach. «My personal preference would be for somewhere in a more central location there to be an off-leash dog park, but not on the beach,» said council member Peter Weiss, but he supported a study of possible locations. The kids will play and dig in the sand where the dogs played, Krammer said. Animals sometimes frighten children. «Our beaches are disappearing,» Sanchez said. «We don`t even have enough beaches for our residents and visitors.» Others who opposed the dog beach proposal, such as Mayor Esther Sanchez, noted that the shrinking beaches in Oceanside was another reason not to have them. Did you know that 60% of motorhomes travel with their pets? If you`re traveling in an RV, consider Oceanside RV Park or Paradise by the Sea RV Park, both of which offer daily pet rates. Oceanside RV Park accommodates up to three pets per space for an additional fee of $1 per pet per day.